Entry 4: Happiness and Gratitude



Three things I am grateful for today:

Why I am grateful for these things:


Wednesday March 1st

1.    Seeing my dog everyday




2.    Going to school and getting my education




3.    Napping

·      I am grateful for seeing my dog every day because I think hes absolutely adorable and he always brings a smile to my face

·      I am grateful for being able to go to school and get an education because a lot of kids don’t have this opportunity in their life

·      I was very grateful for my nap on that day because I was extremely tired and wasn’t feeling very well so I was grateful I had enough time in my day to do so.



Thursday March 2nd

1.    Celebrating my oldest brother’s birthday





2.    Seeing my grandparents









3.    Getting paid from my job

·      Grateful for being able to celebrate my oldest brother’s birthday because he made it to another year and hopefully many more to come

·      I am grateful for still being able to see and have my 4 grandparents in my life, because not many people can say that they have all four living, also, I know they are getting older and older everyday so I love being able to see them and cherish the moments while they’re still around

·      I am grateful for my paychecks every couple of weeks from my job because it makes me happy seeing that paycheck after long hours of working and makes me realize that hard work pays off in the end




Friday March 3rd

1.    Spending times with friends im not able to see all the time








2.    Getting a new job in my career field






3.    My MacBook

·      I am grateful for being able to see my friends who came home for reading week during the break. It’s always good to see my friends because I only really get to see them a couple of times during the school year as majority of them go away for university/college.

·      I am grateful for receiving a job this summer that is related to what I want to do when I grow up, so I was very grateful for the opportunity I got in receiving this job.

·      I am grateful for my MacBook because I am doing this assignment and realizing that I would be no where without this computer I bought myself.



Saturday March 4th

1.    Spending time with my boyfriend






2.    Getting to eat a really good burger





3.    Going shopping

·      I am grateful for my boyfriend because he’s literally everything to me, we’ve been together for almost 5 years now, so being that close to someone is always a great feeling to have

·      I was very grateful for being able to eat this really good burger at the restaurant; The Works. I remember being extremely hungry, so that burger was very satisfying.

·      I am always grateful for a good shopping spree. It’s one of relaxing techniques and lets me just be by myself for a bit.







Sunday March 5th

1.    My family










2.    My job









3.    Medicine


·      Im very grateful for my Italian family. I come from a really big family, living with 6 kids, my two parents and my two grandparents that live with me, so every Sunday we all sit for lunch and eat pasta together and just cherish the moments when we all get to sit down together

·      Im grateful for my current job right now because it took me a long time to get to the position I am at today, also its taught me a lot I need to know for going into the work field, how to handle customers, money, and basic day to day skills

·      On Sunday I wasn’t feeling very good so I was very grateful that there was medicine around that I could take to make me feel better



Monday March 6th

1.    Compliments from customers






2.    Having a driver’s licenses




3.    Getting a new baby cousin brought into this world

·      Im grateful receiving compliments from costumers when im at work. It makes me feel really good about myself and lets me know that im doing a good job at what im doing.

·      Getting a driver’s licenses makes me feel very independent and gets me from point A to point B without having to bother the people around me, so for that im grateful

·      Im so grateful and excited for my uncle bringing in my new baby cousin, hes so cute and small





Tuesday March 7th

1.    My girlfriends








2.    Being able to still see my great-grandmother








3.    That im finally finished this assignment

·      For my girlfriend who don’t go away to school, there is probably 3 of them, im grateful for them as well because they’re always around when we want to have a good time and were always there for one another.

·      It makes me very happy and grateful that I am still able to see my great-grandmother. A lot of people don’t have this in their lives, and being able to still say hello to her when she’s lived for 93 years is amazing to me, strongest 93-year-old I’ve ever met.

·      Finally, I am very grateful that I have completed this assignment and I can finally hand it in for marking, and hoping I get a good mark in the end.



  1. A) Grateful thing one is seeing my grandparents.
  2. B) I’m grateful for this because seeing my grandparents get older and older I come to realize that every moment spent with them should be cherished because I might not have much longer to see them.
  3. C) Writing about this good thing made me realize that I should go and see my grandparents more often and not just on special occasions, I should always make time for them as much as possible.


  1. Grateful thing two is getting paid from my job.
  2. I’m grateful for this because it’s a really good, rewarding feeling getting paid after working long hours in a day.
  3. Writing about this good thing made me realize that hard work does eventually pay off in the end, and you will be rewarded for doing that.


  1. Grateful thing three is being able to come to school and get an education.
  2. I’m grateful for this because I am able to get an education for my future goals.
  3. Writing about this good thing made me realize that being able to come to college and get an education is a really big deal, and I also realize how fortunate I am for this because many people in this world don’t get opportunities like this as they have different incomes, etc.


  1. Grateful thing four is for medicine.
  2. I’m grateful this this because needing medicine on an everyday basis can be pretty tough, as I am a diabetic, having my insulin and other medicines helps me get through every day without feeling really sick.
  3. Writing about this good thing made me realize that once again, I am very fortunate to be able to afford and get my own medicine because some people struggle with these kinds of incomes, and sicknesses. So I am very grateful to have this medicine that keeps me alive and going every day.


  1. Benefits of Gratitude


The type of changes I observed and noticed while practicing daily gratitude was not to take things for granted and to see things for the better instead of complaining about them. I feel as this will help me in the future because when it comes to certain things, I wont look at them as a burden ill look at it as something good and meaningful. For example, seeing my grandparents; Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing my grandparents but usually going to see your grandparents could be a bore and not very exciting for most people. As I went to go see them, I found myself sitting there thinking; “wow, why don’t I do this more often?” it made me realize that it’s not even a problem going to see them and hanging out for an hour or so. It made me realize that they’re extremely important to me and every moment spent shouldn’t be a moment wasted because as they grow older, we never know when could be the last hello or goodbye.

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  1. Practicing Gratitude


How I think im going to practice gratitude on a regular basis is to increase the way I show how im grateful for certain things, like going out of my way to do something for someone or showing my actions towards my gratefulness more. For example, if someone gives me a gift, instead of just saying thanks, I could give them a hug, or give them a gift in return. Also, a big thing for me that I want to be able to do on a regular basis is, realizing other people’s gratitude and also their happiness. I want to start realizing more if people are upset and need some comfort or if someone is really happy I want to realize that their a really grateful person who appreciates things and acknowledge them for that.


  1. What I Have Learned


What I have learned by completing this entry is that firstly, I had a good overlook at a week of my life and everything I was grateful for, so it was nice to see how much things that go on during a week that I don’t even notice how grateful I am for them. What I learned about my own happiness in this entry is that I actually do have a lot to be grateful for and appreciate, day after day goes by and we all really don’t take in how much we have to be grateful and that was a big thing that stood out for me in this entry.


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