Entry 6: Happiness and Others

  1. My Acts of Kindness


  • Found a Tim Hortons free coffee card on the ground and I picked it up and gave it to the first person who was in front of me.
  • My best friend had a really big fight with her boyfriend, so I was there for her when she was upset.
  • Took my sister to get our nails done and paid.
  • Saw my friend walking in the cold while I was driving and I pulled over and gave them a ride home.
  • I was driving and there was a homeless man with a sign walking up and down the road, so I just threw out a 5 dollar bill to him




  • (Week 8, Class Presentation, slide 3) I felt empathy for most of the reasons to why I did my random acts of kindness. For example, my friend walking in the snow; I felt so bad for him because it was so cold and windy that day, I couldn’t imagine being outside walking like he was. Same goes for the homeless man I saw walking back and forth becauase again, its not summer outside and I just feel bad that he has to be out there and homeless.
  • (Week 8, Class Presentation, Slide 3) I felt kindness for another couple of my random acts of kindness, and these follow under me giving the free coffee to someone else instead of keeping it for myself and buying the persons order that was behind me in the coffee line. I did these because I wanted that feeling of kindness, and knowing what I just did made someone smile.
  • (Week 8, Class Presentation, Slide 9) When I helped my friend with her fight, it reminded me about the video we watched in class. The one where the bear is there for his fox friend, and he gives her sympathy about what shes going through, and even though he’s probably not going through the exact same thing as the fox, he knows what it’s like to feel sad, so he gives her a hug and shows his sympathy.


  1. Thoughts About My Acts of Kindness


My experience with doing these random acts of kindness are actually really good. I enjoyed doing things for others and I think I will probably start doing it more often, I work with people everyday and I love having that connection with people everyday and talking and laughing with them as well. Its always a good feeling making someone happy in my eyes.


  1. Kindness and My Happiness


How I think practicing random acts of kindness on a regular basis is something everyone should do daily. I think this because, doing these random acts is kind of like the monkey see, monkey do kind of effect. If one person acts upon this daily rountine, then hopefully everyone around, and everyone being effected will catch on and do these random acts as well.


  1. What I Have Learned


What I learned about happiness in this section was, if you can be the start of making peoples day into a better one, then there should be no second thoughts on doing so. I learned all about sympathy and empathy and how they are completing different, but at the same time they are such important qualities to have in your life. What I learned about my own happiness was that, when I make people happy I generally feel really good about myself and I just want to keep doing it every day.


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