First Vet Appointment

Today was a day filled with errands and a sense of accomplishment after each task was completed. 

We took Rascal to his vet appointment first this morning. He received his first round of vaccinations. We asked the vet if we can socialize him yet, but they told us no, not until he has received his boosters (which are scheduled for April). I am disappointing by this as we want to take Rascal everywhere, but not at the expense of his health. Rascal was diagnosed with both hook worms & round worms (so gross) and has started treatment to free of these nasty parasites. He also has an umbilical hernia which I already knew about. We plan to have it fixed when he goes in to be chipped and neutered.

We completely changed our feeding / potty routine with him and the result is that I’ve been cleaning my carpet a lot less. Rascal now goes to the side door and jumps at it when he wants to go outside. This is progress. We also have finally gotten him use to his “crate”. He has made it through the night for a couple of days now. First thing in the morning we open the crate and chase him to the door. We also relocated all the cat food (up high) and only feed Rascal 3 times a day rather than letting him graze all day. The system is a lot more consistent and structured and the results prove we are on the right track. Rascal also responds to his name now and the words “no” and “let go.”

Yesterday afternoon we took the kids out to our favorite chinese restaurant for Sunday dinner. The food was so delicious! Deedee tried ahi poke and I tried some. It was the first time I ever ate sushi. I did not like it! Bobo got pepper steak. Snoochie got korean stir fry. The Man got surf and turf. As for me, I got the wok grilled fillet mignon. The Man and I explored the cocktail menu. My favorite drink was the pear mojito which I didn’t think I would like (because of the mint), but I ended up loving it. Dinner was so enjoyable that we even ordered a pot of dragon oolong tea.

I have tonight off. I am very happy that I get to spend the evening nestled in the house with my kids. It snowed a teensy bit yesterday. None of it “stuck”, but it is still cold outside. 

I guess that’s all for now

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