Happy birthday to me

It’s my birthday today and I am feeling very greatful. 

I know my last few posts have been emotional posts where I am pouring my heart out about feeling depressed.  At the moment I am on the road to self healing.  

I am no longer on a road of self distcition, but that doesn’t mean every day is fine and dandy. The path is bumpy, some days I feel like death but others I feel pretty positive.  I know that as long as I remain focused and do everything I can within my power the future should look bright.

My outlook on life has changed, I no longer just want to merely survive.  I want to lead a life where I am excited to wake up because I have hobbies and interests.  I am beginning to realise that there are people who care about me, I am not completely alone.  

In my drinking days I was so self absorbed I believed Alcohol was my only true friend.  I isolated myself and drowned my sorrows whenever I felt down instead of reaching out to friends for support. 

All I want is to feel comfortable in my own skin, feel successful and fulfilled, and have a network of friends I connect with.

I am no longer a victim. The power is within me to achieve happiness.  It’s going to be hard work,  but I know I can do it! 

Happy birthday to me x

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