Journal Day 140 – Dad’s 60th Birthday

Sunday, March 12th 2017

My dad turned 60 today. First thing I did when waking up was use the bathroom, and then I went over to greet him. “Happy Birthday!” I exclaimed. He was lying on his bed, using the computer to browse through Facebook. Apparently he’s been getting happy birthday messages since yesterday, and I’m not surprised. He’s very very popular, the notification amount on his Facebook page right now is at 90.

Well, it was at 90. For some reason it dropped down to 89. He let me take a photo.

My dad keeps me going. Not everyone lives forever though. It’s very sad, but he will be gone someday. Fuck. I don’t like thinking about it, but I have to think about reality. That is the reality. If I were to accomplish things in my life, I should do them while he’s still here. So he would be able to see them and be proud. He’s already very proud of me, but I’m not proud of myself. He keeps me fighting.

This morning I made another YouTube video. A very short video, it took me around 10 minutes to capture, and maybe 30 minutes to edit. I had to blur out a few different frames, but it was cool. First time doing video editing in a while, since yesterday anyway. I also made a custom icon for it, and that video can be found here:

Pretty freaking stupid video in my opinion. I showed it to my mom and she commented how my hair was all messed up. I like my hair being messed up. I think it looks better that way. I sound like a kid though when I mention my mom and dad this way.

I’m 23 already and I still live with my parents. I’m not ashamed of it, it’s cheaper to live with them than to live by myself or even with a roommate. Another benefit is that there is far less stress since my parents enjoy taking care of me and don’t really care about whatever I do.

So after making the video, I wrote yesterday’s entry since I forgot to do that last night.

Afterwards, my parents and I went out to a local vegetarian restaurant to get some food.

My parents. They won’t be around forever but I’ll enjoy every second I have with them until I finally move out.

This is the meal we ate. It was very delicious. We ate around 60% of all the food, so there was a lot of leftovers.

This is the burger that I ate. The plate came with a bunch of vegetables, I wasn’t sure what to do with them, so I stuffed them all into the burger to make it really thick. It was very delicious.

I haven’t eaten anything since 3 PM and I’m still stuffed as I type this at 10 PM. My stomach is so full. It can’t fit anything else.

When we got home, we took a break for around an hour or two, and then we went out to watch the movie Kong. We went out to a fancy movie theater that had twin electric reclinable chairs. So, they were chairs that could recline back, and they were paired up, so you could snuggle with a date like on a bed while watching a movie.

That would have been awesome if I were on a date, but I sat next to some random guy, looked like a high school student, and I could tell her felt awkward sitting next to me since we were so close to each other and were both leaned back. Heh. Of course you could place the divider down, but neither of us did.

I thought the movie was alright. I got a little bit annoyed though when King Kong ate people. I just thought, what the fuck, Gorillas are herbivorous. And he ate an octopus in the movie too. Hmm, alright. I know movie logic isn’t perfect, there’s a flaw in every movie, but this might actually get some people to believe that Gorillas eat other animals, which is false. Despite their huge canines which are much larger than ours, they do not eat meat at all.

Other than that, nothing else really bothered me. It’s the first King Kong movie I’ve seen in a long time, since I never saw any of Peter Jackson’s versions. I believe I saw an animated King Kong film a very long time ago, but I don’t remember. Must’ve been in elementary school when I last saw any.

In the film, a group of around 5 humans takes down the monstrous beast. That really got me to think that the scariest monsters in all of the universe are humans. There is no monster more frightening, no animal more savage, no being in all the universe more dangerous and deadly than a human being.

After the movie, I got home, cleaned up a little, and sent the dumbest email of all time. It’s related to the video that I made, posted above. I emailed both the author and the publisher of the book, and the author replied right away. Like, around 5 minutes later he replied, nearly instantly. I sent an email inquiring about whether or not it was legally right for me to be able to copy source code from the book, into IDLE, which is a program you can run python code from.

It’s a really stupid email. I haven’t replied to the author yet, he basically said I can do whatever with the source code since he already gives it out for free on Github. Cool.

Food log, other than the burger, fries, and other foods I ate at the restaurant today:

Might as well just add the rest of the food that I ate here. I also ate some grapes.

Ate some junk food nuts

Ate some more junk food nuts. I regret both times. I finished both packages. Whoops.

Anyway, that was my day today. Happy birthday to my dad! May he live a long life!


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  1. Happy birthday to your dad! Random trivia here: 60 is an important birthday in Chinese astrology because once you hit it, you’ve gone past a whole cycle of the elements (metal, wood, water, fire, earth), or five zodiac cycles (5 x 12 animals = 60). Once you’ve gotten to the big 60, you are considered v lucky!

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