lame liar

My therapist said I should start keeping a journal of when I’m feeling down and why? I said hell no but here I am I guess I lost that battle. she also told me I should stop lying so much maybe that’s what’s causing my depression hmmm. OK…..OK… so my therapist is me talking to my self. don’t judge me I NEED A EXPERT ON MY LIFE SO WHO BETTER TO TALK TO. Which honestly makes since given that I was just diagnosed as a pathological liar by my doctor, haha ok so that was a lie as well I haven’t seen a doctor. I’m just a young adult interested in writing. I have always wanted to start a blog but never had a original thought in my life so I googled blogs but didn’t want to make that, figured all I was really wanting to do is write and I can do that in a online diary so google that and here I am. which pretty sucks for my career as a writer. I started a book but just lost my way and never finished it. I sorta got writers block and wanted this to be like a mini helper. Maybe even connect with other authors and get help. will this work? or am I alone? lets find out.


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