motivating my behavior

“Above all else, it’s critical to ground yourself in deeply held values. Knowing what you stand for is a uniquely powerful fuel for behavior, especially when the going gets tough, and the temptation is to take the easy route. If you’re clear about who you want to be in any given situation, non-negotiably, the songs of the Sirens aren’t so alluring.”

What do you stand for?
Who do you want to be in any given situation?
What are your values?


I want to be someone that has self control, someone who is capable of thinking critically, and especially someone who is charismatic and able to speak easily with anyone. I don’t want to overthink things, I want to be down to earth and relaxed, and unbothered by other people. What is the benefit of becoming annoyed and critical about other people? 

I value non-judgement. I value allowing others to simply be. I value not having expectations of others, and cornering people to fit into my cookie cutter idea of how people should be and act and look. I value being friendly and kind and free of any physical or psychological harm. I value being thoughtful and genuine, and actively caring about other people’s problems. I value truly listening to people, but I also value silence. I value the freedom to not speak, or absolutely speak every intricacy of their mind.

My values and the reality of my behaviors and thoughts are misaligned. 


“Alignment is a physical thing.
Alignment trumps all.
Feel your goals.
Let that certainty, that connection
and that alignment
propel you into your best year yet.”


Really enjoying the idea of using the internet and my computer as means of understanding my thoughts and my behaviors, instead of perpetuating and reinforcing unwanted said thoughts and behaviors. I need to stop being my worst enemy. A tool is only as good as the person using it. Lately, I’ve been shit. But I’m being better.  

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