Role: Liar


Friend: So how did you two really meet? You said online?

Liar: Remember that time I was an executive assistant, which I did not love that much, I wanted to do something that I really want. So there I was in front of my computer looking for a part time writing job. Then he was there, needed someone to assist in writing.

Friend: Then what? You Skyped?

Liar: Yep. Then that’s it. At first, it was just work then turned to getting to know each other conversations.

Liar’s mind: You met on a freaking online dating site!!! You are ashamed because you are not the online dating type. You’re ashamed because you were supposed to meet someone on a “more accepted” way.

Friend: How’s he with your sisters?

Liar: Oh, they love him! Sometimes I feel like they are much closer to him now. (laughs)

Liar’s mind: Well, at least you told her something true.

Friend exits. Liar relaxes and convinces herself that what she said was okay. (What she didn’t realise is that she was going against her beliefs. Because after all the lies, she knows – and I say, SHE KNOWS – that how they met weighs nothing compared to what they truly are now. They can’t be defined by “online”. They are and will be PARTNERS.)

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