As a loyal viewer of How Clean is Your House?, I can confirm that there is a common misconception that the worst smell you could possibly get into your walls, curtains and furniture is cigarette smoke. In actual fact, the worst smell there is is burnt chickpeas. Our house stinks of goddamn air freshener and chickpeas. Because nobody was watching the things when I left for French class on Monday, all of the water evaporated and they got roasted.

I have gotten two F’s on my Geography exam. I’m not surprised. Monica told me today that she liked my eyebrows better unfilled and naked. That’s likewise. We had a substitute in P.E.. She made us run three laps round the gym. Three. Yet I’d rather die running than ever see my regular professor again. I just cannot stand his goddamn annoyance. He’s not a bad teacher or anything, but I just despise him.

When I got home, I ate ramen noodles and read. Gran came round and we went to the grocery shop. Bought two liters of milk and a bar of dark chocolate for semolina. Went to look at foundations. The only proper foundation that is full-coverage, not orange and that looks like real skin is Bourjois Healthy Mix. It’s around £13. Why is everything so expensive?

When I got home, I sort of got on studying Biology, but nothing came of it. Put Brevoxyl on a small inflamed area of my cheek, brushed my teeth, washed my face and put Differin on it. Both things smell bad and feel uncomfortable on my skin. Wrote down some new words that I had learnt and did my French homework. Packed my bag. 

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