Failed talking to my crush

Yesterday, I was so sure I would try talking to him. But I got so blank and shocked whenever I saw him that I ended up forgetting to do anything at all. I said nothing, did nothing and tried my best aswell to not look at him. I was really dissapointed at the end of the day. 

Today, I was trying my best to get close. But still I became completely frozen. I did get eyecontact with him, for the first time which made my heart flutter badly. But other than that my mission talking to my crush has failed! I got several oppurtunities but I let them all fly away 🙁

Why do I have to be so shy? He will notice me if i just say hi, but why cant I just say that simple word? Come one Maria, get your shit together. 

2 thoughts on “Failed talking to my crush”

  1. I had a similar problem talking to girls in high school. It’s because you’re placing this guy on a pedestal like he’s the ultimate being in the universe or something. Do you have a scenario planned out on what would happen after you started talking to him? Where would you want the conversation to go?

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