Journal Day 141 – Optimal Rush Hour Traffic Route

Monday, March 13th 2017

Good morning. I woke up today very full of energy. The windows were open in my room and the sun shone in, but I had a sleeping mask on and it does wonders. When I stood up and walked over to look at the time in the kitchen, it was already 10:17 AM. The clocks sprung forward yesterday, so technically it would have been 9:17 AM if the time didn’t change.

Something I have to remember to do today is to cancel my Amazon Prime membership. I don’t want to be charged $100 tomorrow.

Alright so I’m home now as I type this, it’s night time at 12:36 AM, I’m about to go to sleep, or I might go for a couple miles of walking tonight. It’s cold outside, there’s snow everywhere for once this year, but I’m young and strong so with a couple of jackets, a walk wouldn’t hurt.

Anyway, the office filled me with lethargy after a few hours of sitting at work doing the job that I’m paid to do. The thing about work is that people will say “I worked 10 hours today” when really they spent 3 hours walking around, 2 hours elating food, 3 hours browsing the Internet, 1 hour doing nothing, and 1 hour actually doing work. For me, I spend most of my time at work doing actual work. I eat at my desk most of the time, thinking about how to solve work related problems while chewing on food. I get shit done.

Louis Rossmann helped me get through the work day like he so often does, I enjoy listening to his programs on YouTube while I work. He has all this useful relatable life advice, and they’re all so relevant in my own life. I’ve been subscribed and watching his content since early 2015, but as soon as I found out he was a vegan the whole time, my respect and admiration for him grew and I started watching and listening to his content more.

Anyway. I couldn’t wait for the day to be over. Around 3:30 PM I went over to one of the kitchens to grab some more food. There was a woman there, someone I hadn’t talked to in a while, we joked about Mondays and how we both couldn’t wait for the day to be over. Anyway, she ended up needing my help for something, so yes, I volunteered to help her. Finally, something out of the ordinary, I thought. Anyway, she later ended up bringing her laptop to my desk and we ended up solving the problem together.

Afterwards I left to go home. I picked up my mom and the drive home felt normal at first. There were two friends I was texting at the same time, I don’t recommend texting and driving. But, I invited them to hang out later tonight, and we kept texting back and forth for plans. Both of them lived really far away, and I suggested for them to drive to my office and we can hang out there. One of them couldn’t drive and didn’t have a car and wanted to be picked up. The other one didn’t have a job so he was cheapskate and didn’t want to drive far to save gas money.

Fuck. It was a headache texting these two. I shouldn’t have invited them to anything or maybe waited a month to ask them to anything. I suggested that Google Hangouts was fine, but the one without the car didn’t want to and kept suggesting that real life was better. We were just going to play around in our computers anyway, which is why we were bringing our laptops and hanging out at the office, so what is the difference?

What really irritated me is that they had the audacity to suggest I pick them both up, after I spent a full day at work already, and after I already spent more than an hour driving back and forth. They are around an hour away from me each, and they’re about 30—45 minutes away from each other. I wasn’t going to spend all day driving just so we can hang out for an hour. The drive back home itself took around an hour because of all the traffic and rerouting we had to do.

There was apparently this accident down the normal route I would take back home, and it stretched on for miles. In the stop light right before the traffic started, some guy on the right asked my mom to bring her windows down, and told both of us “there’s a massive accident up ahead! I suggest taking a different route!” and looking ahead, you can already see the traffic stalling.

What is very fortunate is that, this was the very last chance we would have gotten to take a different route. The next exit afterwards wouldn’t have been for another mile or so, and getting there might’ve taken 30 or 40 minutes at the rate the traffic moved. My mom and I took a different route, and we passed by a few entryways where we could go back into the normal road, but my gut told me to not enter yet until miles and miles down.

It was right. We took a really long way around, not the longest way, but I would say it’s the ‘medium’ way around. The straightest road we could have taken is the normal road that we take, now congested by traffic. The furthest way road we could have taken was always congested with traffic. But this route was the in-between, it went through neighborhoods, and zig zagged around different places to get to the same place. It wasn’t fast, nor slow, but looking back, this was the fastest, the absolute fastest route home we could have taken since every other road had traffic but ours was empty.

Around halfway back home, I took an entry road to get back into the congested normal road. The problem is, this entry road which stretched on for a few miles, became congested too! What was really fortunate is that up ahead, despite the traffic, I saw a lot of people turning right into this one seemingly innocent neighborhood. Why? I pondered. I concluded it must have been a shortcut, so I wanted to turn in. But I was in the leftmost lane.

Very fortunately, I ended up being right in front of the entrance of the neighborhood. I had already passed what most people would call the ‘turning point’ to enter a road. I was basically in the middle of the entrance way, on the left lane, so I couldn’t just turn right and enter. But there was a lot of traffic. And for some reason the guys behind me did not want to block the entrance, even though there was tons of traffic and no one was getting anywhere.

So I reversed. I reversed slightly just so I could turn the car and enter the neighborhood, turned right, and entered the neighborhood. I was so surprised that they just left the entrance open like that, and both the guys behind me in both lanes didn’t move forward or else I couldn’t have reversed and entered. Wow. That was very fortuitous.

I just followed the road until it ended up bringing us home. I didn’t know what direction to go or anything since I haven’t taken that road before, but I just kept driving and following the people ahead of me slightly. Slightly because I would lose sight of them often because they were so far ahead and lots of turns prevented me from keeping an eye on them, but when I saw them, I would know this was the right direction.

Miles down the road, we ended up reconvening with the normal road home that we took. There was no traffic anywhere. There was just a trickle of cars coming through. Apparently traffic is that bad on the main road that barely any cars are going through at all. I have the entire event on video too from the dash cam, I might upload and do a commentary because it was so unbelievably rare for all this to happen. We took the absolute best route home, hands down, and it was all due to random circumstance leading the way.

At home I didn’t do much. I didn’t exercise, didn’t study (not that much anyway), and I think I barely watched any YouTube videos. Just what the hell did I do anyway? I’m shocked that 7+ hours of time just vanished in the air like that. I’m going to have to schedule my days better so that this never happens again.

Obs and I texted a few times. We came up with the idea to draw a Pokemon every day starting tomorrow. There’s a total of 802 Pokemon now, so there will be 800+ days of Pokemon. I’m using this as an excuse to learn how to draw better, since I suck a drawing now, and I’m not forced to practice daily. My first drawing will suck for sure, but hopefully by my 200th drawing, it won’t suck as much! For Obs, she will improve every day. Her latest two drawings are already very good, but they can definitely be a lot better. I’m very grateful and happy to have become friends with someone so open to ideas and trying things together.

Food log:


Mix of nuts and two nutrition bars

Bunch of dried fruits and nutrition bar. All this food so far are random food found in the office.

Had General Tso Tofu with some mushrooms, noodles, brown rice, and quinoa

Had the same thing as above, but a second serving

I watched a video about one meal a day, so that’s what I’ll start tomorrow. Just one meal. One. Meal. And tiny snacks every now and then, but one main meal. Let’s see how that works!


Selfie for the day

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  1. You have so much enthusiasm, and I admire that a lot. Glad you got home safely in the traffic jam. Looks like you make good food choices. You seem to have it all together, and I am happy for you. You are a fine, hard-working young man. God bless you.

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