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I am concerned about my mom.  She is 93 and a very conservative Christian (Presbyterian).  I just found out that her granddaughter (my niece) is going to marry another girl.  I am not sure how my mom will take this news.  It’s a lot for a 93-year-old to adjust to.  Prayers appreciated.

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  1. This is a difficult one. This is how I feel about it when I try to put myself in a “christian” view point. I hope my words do not cause offense.

    The Christian God is depicted as a loving god, a meriful god, and a forgiving god. It is explained that all people, we the descendents of Adam & Eve are born with sin and continue to sin. The only person born on this Earth who lived an incredible life without sin was Jesus. It is only for God, his father to judge us. We must not look at others and judge them. It is not our right especially since we are all sinners and we ALL need forgiveness. Our various sins may differ, but it is only God who is able to look into our hearts and judge us.

    I understand that your mother may have a hard time with the sin she believes her neice is commiting, but when we sin is when we need forgiveness and love the most.

    I hope that helps. Good vibes yours & the whole family’s way.

  2. Welcome to life in the 21st Century eh? I hope your mom takes it in stride. I do remember many years ago my mother told me I should never be afraid to tell my own grandmother anything. Mom said grandma was well over 80 and nothing could shock her any more. Thus…when my mom was old…we could tell her anything. However that said…they were neither very rigid in their views. Praying for the best for all of you!

  3. Goddess and Hoosier and Megawatt, thank you for caring. You are right, Goddess, “Judge not lest ye be judged” is the verse — one of them. We all need acceptance and love. On the bright side, the young lady is very pleasant, intelligent, likable and her family adores my niece. So there’s a lot of good happening.

  4. I hope things will turn out ok…this certainly is a tricky one…I can only say that I don’t have a problem with this kind of thing at all, in the end marriage is for two people who are in love and I don’t think it matters if it is between two women or two men. As long as they are in love that should be all that matters. I hope your mum will be ok with it in the end. Maybe it’ll take her a while to adjust but she’ll be fine with it later on!

  5. Thank you, RD, and all of you. We told her and she handled it really well! She is not depressed or anything. She doesn’t talk about it much, but her personality is still bright and cheerful, so it’s all GOOD! Thanks for prayers and good thoughts!

  6. Ah I’m glad to hear this! Somehow I sensed it would be okay. Ah elderly parents, such a blessing and often a challenge. God bless you both.

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