My Monday journal

Feel much better today but still felt little under the weather. I was able to go to office tho and good enough not to make other people sick in the office. It didn’t take long to catch up with where I left off last week. Just need to figure out one thing that they changed the setting on the branch I have been working on but it’s all good means it’s moving! Seems like it’s so close to be ready to launch! I’m marking off lots of checkboxes too. Hoping for the next Monday to see this on the production site and get my blog article published. Yes, I still need to review this and ask for the revision lol. However, it’s very exciting. Didn’t do much after work. Finally got my tax done and ended up getting some money beside paying $151 at H&R block that I could do it by myself lol then dinner at the Chinese restaurant in Ktown. Maybe I ate too much. I still feel bloated lol. I have been asking around for the DynamoDB for a day and I finally got the design nailed down for my new app. Despite I still have a long way to go, it’s getting me very excited for the potential possibilities. Also, it makes me happy to learn something new all the time. 10:52 PM now and I need to go sleep since I still don’t feel quite good yet. Goodnight all.

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