Rashes of Love


Last March 4,2017 , my workmates and I went to the fishing restaurant somewhere in Cebu.We catch and cooked the fish(bangus fish) from pond. Then that time when my boyfriend and I had a big fight. I decided to go with them rather than staying all day at my room ,crying and despair. Yes,despair! cause I felt loneliness and empty. I almost wants a break up cause I’m so broken.  When we arrived at the restaurant we enjoyed catching the fish ,singing and drinking. I almost forget to have a broken heart . My workmate Leizel asked me whats wrong with my aura, I’m pretty lousy and ill . So I share what happened and they gave me silly advice. So, I just go with the flow. I drank 2 glasses of beer. When it’s 7’oclock in the night we went to the bar and continue our chilling and drinking. I forgot to care my allergies so again I drink another two shots of liquor. And later on , the effect of two shots is now a broken heart drunk lady. Yes, I’m so drunk,affected by alcohol to the extent of losing control of one’s behavior. I loss control to my self. I got confidence to dance at the disco. But I’m still broken =( . Hours later, when its already 11;30 .. he texted me and said LAi =( and I feel so nervous, I’m confused if I’m gonna reply him or not, but I decided to let go my ego so that we can make up. I told him that I’m drunk so better wait me until I’m home. So he said okay! . When I got home he call me and we make up. He felt sorry about me cause I done the thing that I really don’t like cause I have an allergy to alcohol.


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