Setbacks are part of the process. Apparently.

Last night’s max test was disappointing to say the least.

Not only could I not improve on my 1RM on any of the three lifts, but after tiring myself out trying I could barely lift my current 1RM weights.

My bench press form, although improved, is still totally woeful and I just feel that I am not “getting” it.


Why I think this happened:

  • I am between 3 and 4 kg lighter than I was last time I tested
  • I have been sick during my last training cycle and had a whole week where I practically didn’t eat
  • I am stressed and feeling that anxiety is rearing its ugly head again
  • I haven’t been getting enough sleep (so many chores, so little time)


What I’m going to do about it:

  • Deload for the rest of the week. Time to start working on chin-ups again, play with kettlebells, and I might even throw in some core work. In other words, I am taking a physical and mental break
  • Do some yoga. I have not made time for yoga in months and I think it is becoming a necessity that I do
  • Next week I will start on the new programme M* is cooking up for me, throw myself into it and enjoy the process
  • Try and relax (duh) and look after myself better
  • Keep reminding myself that just because I have finished my cut doesn’t mean it’s ok to demolish 2 packets of biscuits by myself in 2 days (plus the Snickers and wine). It doesn’t matter that the rest of my food intake is primarily lean protein, veg and wholegrains, too many sugary snacks are not good for my mind and I know this.

I have allocated the next 24h to feeling sorry for myself before I move on. Last night’s failure, plus the whole Brexit debacle, plus PMS seems like a bit much so I’ll start fighting back tomorrow but until then I will just try and function and avoid crying at work. And I will try and stay away from chocolate, and not convince myself that it holds medicinal properties.

I just wish the rest of the documents I need for my ILR application would arrive, so I would feel like I am at least making progress on that front.



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