Xyryl’s Childhood Memories

Xyryl Zen Guiller G. Ibarra




Ever since she was a child, Xyryl wasn’t much of a talker. She was silent most of the time. She never judged or complained loudly. Her Jealousy was kept in a bottle with her anger and sadness. As she grew older in her teens, she observed the people around her. When she found friends, she couldn’t help but follow a girl named Rica… Xyryl thought some other girl was taking Rica away from her so she snapped… Caught in a fight she couldn’t remember. After a few years and only to remember again when Rica told her. It wasn’t also friends she fought with. She also fought with her sister. Xyryl always wins between the two of them but her sister will never listen. One day, in a fight with her Sister, Xyryl decided it’s no use fighting. She started to care less about her sister’s rude actions and just let it be. That’s when Xyryl started to not be angry for a long time and rarely get mad at all. She continued being observant and learning about other people. Why they do this and that. We all have our own problems that seem to be bigger in our minds but smaller in others or vice versa to those who think little of themselves. A problem is a problem, and everyone needs help how little or huge the problem is.

She didn’t have many friends she could trust. She feels like those who talk to her in school are just people, nothing special. She neither likes nor dislikes having not much friends but she gets lonely and bored sometimes. As long as one close and special person is reachable and she is not hurting anyone, she can come by.

Xyryl has learned to be a kind and open-minded person. She rarely gets angry but easily gets sad.

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  1. I hope the sun will come out and chase away the dark clouds. It’s great that you don’t get angry anymore, but sadness is not the best feeling, either. Try to be grateful for good things that happen in your life. That will cheer you up, dear.

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