Violet’s grandpa has passed away. She didn’t come to school today, naturally. She posted a picture of her and her younger cousin taken with a selfie stick. She looked as though she had just been crying and was trying to smile. She also added a video to of her saying, “Attaboy, I could never do it as well as you do it!” to the boy who was playing with a yo-yo. When he dropped it, she said, “Oh, I would’ve dropped it much sooner,” to her Story.

Brandon has passed this Maths test after having done it twice or three times already.

Our new Chemistry teacher’s lectures are delightful. Everybody is silent and she explains everything with patience and thoroughness. She’s strict, professional, and devoted.

I have finally bought some foundation. It’s Maybelline. God bless. It’s amazing. Not full-coverage, but close enough.

On April 18th we’re traveling to Prague. I don’t know what I’m expecting. I’d love to fool around with the girl that I’ve already written about. Not that I like her or anything. I certainly do not want s relationship with her. And don’t tell me that’s wrong!

Also, I might have got food poisoning or trichinosis. Mum didn’t really cook our meat patties for long enough today.

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