Hello GoodNight

          Hello GoodNight. This is my first entry of what I hope will be many to come. Everyone can refer to me as “Ever Hopeful” or just “Hopeful” for short. I figure I may as well give a brief introduction of myself. I’m a full-figured 37-year-old female who resides in the midwest of the United States of America. My personality is somewhat complex, for I can be the kindest and most helpful person but I also have the ability to be heartless, ruthless actually, and downright vicious at times. To say I am an extremely open-minded person would be an understatement. I have lived wildly and also calmly in my lifetime thus far. Life has not been nor will it always be fair or easy by any means whatsoever. Sometimes I feel defeated…okay..most times I feel as if life is defeating me. However I always hang on to that ever so tiny sliver of hope because I know if I lose hope I will have absolutely nothing. Through sharing some of my life experiences, feelings and thoughts with the world wide web I hope to reach out to people who have gone or who is going through similar things as myself and maybe, just maybe I will be able to give them hope or strength to keep pushing on when they feel like giving up and vice versa.

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