The Land Where the Seasons Never Change

I haven’t posted in a while, I’ve been so busy with the move. 

On two separate occasion we have had to fly to and from LA within 24 hours, its been exhausting. But at last we’re fully moved. Then moving into our new place, and furnishing the apartment has been another adventure. It’s been exhausting, but also a labor of love to pick out and design our new home. The funny thing now is that our new place is beautiful and spacious with new fancy furniture, but I have zero clothes. I need to go shopping, I’m stuck in permawinter wear. 

Boston has been treating us well, its just a cool city with its own style. I can’t complain. I do miss L.A. a lot, I miss the weather, the food, the beaches, the happy and relaxed people that are Californians. Boston is a new adventure though. My husband on the other hand loves it, he doesn’t miss L.A. at all. He loves the idea of waking up early and heading to work, he loves his new job, he’s so happy with his new company. He’s a chemical engineer, and all of the projects he works on are so cool. He’s even loving the cold weather.


The weather is killing me – BOSTON: covered in fresh powder. And meanwhile California is enjoying high 80s lol. I miss the California beaches – the land where the seasons never change. I’m constantly checking the weather in L.A. lol 



One thought on “The Land Where the Seasons Never Change”

  1. Wait til August and you will be begging for snow – it is a New England thing.

    As for beaches maybe Ramsey can take you to Cape Cod over the summer – it’s beautiful over there. There is also Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. I think that area of Mass might match your style and high class living.

    I avoid Hampton Beach (NH) and Salisbury beach. Those two are the land that time forgot.

    Oh and Rhode Island has some semi decent beaches too!

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