Day 381

 Tuesday, March 14th 2017

Today was good.

I woke up a tad earlier to go feed my friend’s cat, but my mom decided to go instead of going back and forth with the car.

I watched YouTube videos, moderated the server and drew my daily Pokemon for the day, since Megg and I decided to draw Pokemon starting from the first Pokedex entry to the last once a day, or at least most days. Since #001 is Bulbasaur, I did,well, Bulbasaur. I don’t like what I did for it and next time I know to stick with what I normally do and improve that with time, but it was good to see what I can do with a different style. I don’t really like it, but the more I look at it, the more I see that it wasn’t that bad as I originally thought. I decided to keep it even though I’m not satisfied, cause I want to see the changes from Pokemon to Pokemon.

(The signature is my Twitter and YouTube user—shhh)

Other than that, spent quite a lot of the day bored, finally cooked for my family with the help of my dad, cause there was a lot of preparation to be done (shepherd’s pie), went to feed my friend’s cat and played with him quite a bit, before going home to moderate the server and taking another look at the questions I answered for the book. I made a few changes to some of my answers, but left some starred there for later.

Oh, and of the owners got me Half Dead, which is a small game based of the movie The Cube. You go into rooms that are either dangerous, lethal or safe, and try to find the end. Just a fun group game.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 381”

  1. Wrote this in my entry today:

    “I just saw Obs’ drawing and from the view of my skill level, it was amazing, very cute, like a baby frog with a curious look on its face. Oh and there’s flowers! It really does look like a baby Bulbasaur.”

    I really like the background, how it sort of looks like a ‘cloud’ or a ‘dream’. Did you use a wacom tablet? I drew mine on a notebook 😛

  2. “Only tip is to work on anatomy”
    Who do you think I am, Leonardo Da Vinci?!? XD

    I don’t even know where to start. I just traced the outline of the reference image and don’t know anything about anatomy. Your drawing is really good, you probably don’t like it because you know you can do better, but for me, the level that you draw at is something I can’t even fathom being at.

    Also you’re not the only person who will improve, we both will, but you can help me out a little because I’m new to this 😛

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