He comes to me in my dreams

He comes to me in my dream, a former love of mine. What we had was deep and intense, most people didn’t understand our relationship which made it feel so much more almost magical. To be completely honest i still love him now, but know better then to go down that road again. I have been with many men after we have separated but none has made an impacted as deep as he. We have both moved on, and I feel perfectly fine over our separation. It’s been months since I’ve thoughts of missing that love we shared, but not really missing him in particular… I missed the feeling of being head over heels in love. But I said before It’s been months since I’ve had any thought about him, until 2 nights ago he’s been visiting me in my dreams. 

Dream: I was in a beautiful house, to me it was obvious that if was the house of me dreams, I lives with my son, who was about 10 years older then what he is now. I was sitting at my desk reading when I hear the faintest knock on the door. Kind of surprised since I don’t often receive guests I step to the door and open it. There he is I must have looked  shocked to see him, because he asked if he could come in, I seen that he was alone and allowed him to enter my home. We sat on the sofa in silence for a long while and offered his hand for me to hold, which I grabbed softly and confused. At this point in my dream I knew I was dreaming and I told myself to let go, because it wasn’t real. He gave me a half smile the one that is so familiar, and it gave me chills. He begins to speak but I quickly cut him off like I did so often in the physical world. I told him I new why he was here and I was okay now, and he knew exactly what I meant. He was a broken man even before we moved in together, and I like allot of women believe they call help a broken man, which I believe is possible in some cases  but in this one it wasn’t possible. I continued to say “you know why I left”, he responded “yes, I know”….my dream get fuzzy at this point and But I remember walking him back to the door. Hand in hand, oddly enough. As he exits my door he write a note for me on a ripped crumbled paper. let’s go my hand and walks off. I close the door quickly, knowing my feeling will betray me. I read the note and it’s kind of confused and scared me and I will explain that in a bit. The note read “I will visit you in your dream. See you soon, My love”.

So I’m a strong believer in the metaphysical realm, and I believe that dreams have meanings. What do they mean? I don’t know. I know that when we sleep our subconscious tries to speak to us, to guide us. It’s perfectly fine if you think contrary to this I respect that. I’m curious to see what happens in the dreams to follow. If you are too then check my journal tomorrow and I will share you with more dream.

Good Night Dreamers.

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