I need help. Also I am new at writing so please do not judge. So I am in a relationship with an amazing guy, but my ex (Who I still secretly am in love with) still keeps in touch. He knows that I still have feelings for him, but yet still seems to talk to me like we are best friends. I would like to be best friends with him but my current boyfriend would not like that, and it would just hurt so bad because I still have feelings for him. Anyways I posted on my snap chat “Anyone wanna face time?” He responded saying “sure” so I said ” really?” and he said “yeah” and called me and I answered. It hurts seeing him. It really does. I just wish that I could stop loving him. If anyone has advice please contact me at my instagram or email. 

Instagram: Klay_3232


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  1. I am in a similar situation as yourself. I do not feel it is fair to the people we are with now to be going behind them and hiding our true self. We are in love with people we are not even with. How is that fair to them? Each day our partners’ love deepens and in the end, they may be completely heartbroken or even feel so betrayed that they hate us. It’s not fair to him and, quite frankly, it’s not fair to me. I have to be true to myself before I am able to be true to someone else. Therefore, I am breaking up with the person I am with because I know, deep within myself, that I am wasting their time. True love prevails over everything else.

  2. Ever hopeful thank you for the help and sharing your story with me. I appreciate it.

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