Journal Day 142 – One

Tuesday, March 14th 2017

Pi Day. Snow Day. I worked from home today, as did many other people. I spent most of the morning talking with my parents and just doing whatever with them, not doing any work. I guess I took the day off in many ways, there wasn’t that many emails that came in, and I’m not worried about the workload. I don’t advise putting things off until tomorrow, but in my case, come on, it was a snow day.

Today I actually challenged myself to stand up the whole day. I didn’t last that long. Well, I didn’t challenge myself enough. I imagined being able to stand up all day was going to be easy, but I became lazy, and lied down after an hour. Yeah. I didn’t last long.

There was a YouTube video I watched this morning on top 10 things you should know for a python programming interview job. The guy who made the video stated that people came in not knowing all ten things, and actually reviewed all ten things in that video. The video was 22 minutes long because he covered every topic one by one! What really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, shocked me, is that I know all those things taught and discussed in the video. ALL of them. And more. So… I can get a python programming job…? Where? WHERE?!…………..

I’m really dumb and frustrated. I want results right away. This is a problem I noticed with myself and why I never get anything done. I can get enthusiastic for a project quickly, and I can complete that project only if I stayed with it long enough, but I end up abandoning it in interest of another project that came into mind. What the fuck. Looking through some meta-job boards, I can definitely fit the role in many of these jobs offered. That would mean updating my resume though… but I have a lot of other things to worry about.

Let’s try to make a list of the current ‘projects’ I have in my life:

  • LG2MT (program for posting to multiple sites at once, able to do it, requires some bug fixes)
  • This daily journal I post daily
  • One Pokemon drawing a day (I have zero issues about this)
  • Writing a book with Obs (I have zero issues about this too)
  • YouTube channel I try to post a video to daily
  • Work (8 hours a day)
  • I go to an online university and take classes there
  • There’s another website I go to that I pay $300 a month for to take classes in and want to finish all courses on there ASAP
  • I own a mobile app company, its website, several apps that I have to keep track of
  • I try to exercise daily
  • I have 3 books on my bed right now folded open that I haven’t read through because I go from one book to the next
  • I want to declutter my computer and also my room by throwing away clothes and things I don’t need
  • I’m working on a documentary
  • I want to make updates to my website
  • I have goals from December 31st to be completed by this year…
  • EveryDecision goal tracking program
  • Now I want to apply for jobs but that would require updating my resume, and with all this other shit to worry about first I feel like I can’t do it…

Do you know what scares me? I’m too fast. I’m a fast thinker and a fast ‘actioner’… So I browse through maybe 20+ pages a minute, blasting through each page, ideas bouncing one from the next, not having any stable thinking. When given a programming challenge, if I don’t get it in 1 second, I will probably move onto the next… hmm… This is a really depressing problem. I want to slow down.

So, I’ll read this book called “The One Thing”. I have it in my Kindle library. The book is about doing one thing at a time. That’s something I definitely need. I kind of, feel really frustrated. It’s hard to describe and hard to relate to unless you’re quick like me and have a thousand thoughts going through your head at once. I’m not joking about the speed. I’ve typed at over 190+ words per minute, have total mastery of the mouse and keyboard, and I blast through applications and websites left and right in quick succession. I’m too impatient. That might be my biggest weakness.

So I’ll take a couple of hours now to read. I’ll worry about nothing else in the world. Just read. It’s 6:17 PM as I write this, I’ll come back 3 hours later at 9:17 PM, thinking about nothing else, wanting nothing else. I’ll imagine everything else not existing. There is nothing else anywhere but me and this book.

It’s 7:26 PM now and I’m about 50 pages in. I took a break around 10 minutes ago to eat a banana. The book ‘The One Thing’ can be summed up by just re-reading the title. It’s a book about One. One task, one person, one idea, one, one, one. That’s all. Just one thing.

I had a list of 17 tasks up above. The problem with the above tasks is that I didn’t go into detail. For example, me wanting to update my resume wasn’t as simple as just me updating my resume. I still had to dig through previous accomplishments, projects, update GitHub, possibly change the layout, update sources, and have it all sent to and critiqued by a resume reviewer, which is a process by itself. So it’s not all simple.

But the book has definitely taught me a lot, and made me realize that I need to organize my life more. Pretty easy. I’ll get a flowchart going.

8:25 PM now. I’ve simplified my life into 5 basic categories I call ‘trees’: Spiritual, Relationships, Knowledge, Money, and Health. Each tree has branches. I got rid of everything under Money and Health as I came up with a great solution for both: park in the furthest away parking lot to the office. That solves two problems at once. Also, I can get more money the more knowledge I have, so that’s another issue that I again do not have to worry about.

Under Spiritual, Relationships, and Knowledge, there’s one major branch under each. For spiritual, it’s this daily journal. For relationships, it’s maintaining and improving my current friendship with Obs. For knowledge, it’s programming. Both my spiritual and relationship trees will be watered as long as I update this journal daily, so that just leaves my knowledge tree withering.

There’s the one thing! With the help of the book The One Thing, I found the one thing that I needed to fully focus on, my knowledge tree. Everything else can shimmer in the waves.

I’m going to just quickly sketch out a Bulbasaur, Pokemon #001, post this entry, read a bit more of the book so I can get advice on how to stay on track, and then fully focus on studying.

This took a while to draw. Coloring took even longer. I didn’t really learn much from coloring it, so I’ll just focus on drawing instead next time. I just ‘visually’ traced the image. I can’t draw a Bulbasaur from scratch yet, if I tried, it would suck. Maybe I’ll do a ‘visual trace’ and then a rough sketch tomorrow for Ivysaur? All I know is that coloring it in, is pretty much a waste of time. I’ll focus more on drawing tomorrow, and then do a ‘rough sketch’ too.

I just saw Obs’ drawing and from the view of my skill level, it was amazing, very cute, like a baby frog with a curious look on its face. Oh and there’s flowers! It really does look like a baby Bulbasaur.

Food log:

I just had one meal today. This was some not good food my mom cooked, it was way too salty. Tofurky tastes good by itself, and I like my Tofurky Chipotle recipe more since it’s a bit healthier. This is a ‘Filipino’ food with tofu instead of any meat and it tasted like salt, that’s it, just salt. It was plain salt on a plate.

I ate a banana while in the middle of reading the ‘The One Thing’ book.


Selfie for the day

3 thoughts on “Journal Day 142 – One”

  1. It’s completely fine to use a reference, and even recommended by most artists, so you don’t have to try and do it from ‘scratch’ (if that’s what you meant by it). Though really well done 😀 Only tip is to work on atanomy 🙂 And thanks for for thinking mine was cute—I didn’t quite like it, but I’ll improve with time! And I did use a Wacom tablet ^-^

  2. “I don’t even know where to start”
    That’s why I recommended anatomy for your starting point—Start by drawing basic shapes, such as circles and connecting lines, and do it pale, like that you can erase those lines afterwards/they won’t show up when you’re done. Then start adding the outline afterwards. Measure the length and width of parts of the Pokemon with your thumb or pencil, and use it to copy on your paper if you have to.

    “Also you’re not the only person who will improve, we both will”
    I know that you can improve—that’s why I’m giving tips lol 😛

    But yeah, can’t wait to see the changes far down!

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