I’m not poetic, nor a writer, but I need something to help me express myself without feeling judged by others. Something new to try for my late night escapes. 


I’m always the happy one. The strong one. So I don’t like to let people down. I know everyone has to express themselves and it’s something I encourage, but it’s so different when you’re in the situation. 


I am so strong, yet weak for holding everything in. This anxiety of life holding me back from life. I’ve failed the same course 5 times. This is my 6th and last time enrolled and I haven’t been to class since the first day. Because of fear of failing. I’ve missed almost 2 months of 2 other courses because of fear of who knows what. But I am hear to learn, and teach. My parents have given me everything. I love school and I am doing it for myself. I need to fight this fear.

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