The fact that i re downloaded this stupid app ‘lovoo’ idk what, it pretty much helped. Its like tinder – just in germany ahah. Its for sluts n friends with benefits but i posted my bitmoji cat and wrote ‘if youre fucked up, feel free to text me now – anon x’ and so, people texted n texted n i got busy omg. I talked to this guy yeh, turns out his aiads friend like omg fuckin hell turns out that they even thought im checkin him up. Aiads a guy i first liked when i came to this city,Muc. Ehh – omg, he liked me n didnt say shit while aiad didnt even care bout me meh always boydrama. Im maybe meeting up with him on sunday.

Theres no love and no hate in this house with me. Idk if its good or bad, i’m just there :/ 

I miss my baby levyar so bad 😭💖

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