When love loses

When love loses By Kimberly Frazier

For twenty years I had envisioned you, the love we had, the power we shared

In the blink of an eye, there you were, on the screen in front of me with that smile

All the emotions, the feelings, the tearing flooded my soul like cold water quenching a thirst

You smiled at me, I heard your voice and the world seem more right than ever before

I held your face and kissed you lips as though nothing had changed

You scent, your strength the tender love we made

We spoke of dreams we had and the life we wanted to build in real time

Never knowing or even beginning to fathom that the truth would kill those dreams

Built up anger that overshadowed the years of love we thought we lost

There across the miles across the seas of hopes and oceans of dreams

Is the shell of something, maybe really nothing but childish expectations

Here I stand in the muck of what never was, and will never be, alone

Heavy with my thoughts, weighted down with the reality of love loss

Here I stand, Heavy in my thoughts, weighted down with the reality of love lost


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