Another Wasted Day

          Today consisted of waking up sometime around 5:30 in the morning and shutting off all ten alarms one by one. Close to 6 A.M. I forced myself out of bed. Knowing I should eat before leaving the house and beginning what I knew would be an annoying day for me, I opted for some S’mores cereal and a big cup of coffee. After flushing the cereal down the toilet when it became soggy too quickly, I dressed and took some motion sickness medicine. Like I said, I was preparing for a long day. Close to 7:30, he arrived and myself and my roommate walked out to his vehicle. “He” is her father, an almost 70-year-old man who has issues with his hearing and believes a single second of silence is a bad thing. I can only wish I were exaggerating about that last part! We were going two hours away to a veteran’s hospital so he could get shots in his hip and arse cheek. Afterwards, I was to drive everyone back to our hometown. He refused to allow me to drive even though that was the agreement and the sole reason I went along with them. We hit every dinky town that had a stoplight or stop sign on the way back. Lunch was taken in a small restaurant that two brothers owned and appropriately  named “Two Brothers’ Restaurant.” I chose to have a beef burrito but could only eat about half of it before I was completely miserable. Since I didn’t have to drive, I sat in the back seat. It’s wintertime and he decides it’s a good idea to roll his window down. The air directed itself right at me. I tied the hood of my jacket, huddled down into my seat, and tried to rest. Surely if I could sleep I wouldn’t feel the coldness as much. When we finally got back into our hometown I checked my mail at the post office. Like most days, it was completely empty. Honestly, I don’t really have much use for an address let alone a postal mail box.  We were dropped off at home, where I have been doing absolutely nothing productive…but then again, my whole day was unproductive and a true waste of time and life.

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