Day 382 – Contest and X Company finale

Wednesday, March 15th 2017

Today was fun.

I spent some time recording my video, but didn’t get to finish it, then I drew my Ivysaur. I think the lines for the body (the blue ones) are a bit too thick, and the head could have been tilted to add a better leaning effect, but I really like the rest, especially the vine it’s leaning on.

There is also a contest for Canadians to draw for Google, because of the 150th anniversary of Canada. You could win a scholarship, technology grant for your school, your drawing on Google for the day and a trip to Toronto. Deadline is the 2nd of May, so I’m really gonna have to think about this one carefully. I sent the link to my friend as well, since she does art and would most likely be interested. Super excited and gonna perfect it the most I can.

I spent the rest of the day on the server and watching YouTube. I also watched the finale of X Company. (Spoilers) It ended beautifully. The sacrifices made, the flashbacks of all the moments from the mind of Alfred, the reuniting of Neil and his niece… The sacrifice was Franz killing a Nazi professor with the cost of his own life. He was going to betray the agents, and Aurora get caught, but right before she was taken away, she talked some sense into him, so he decided to complete the mission and activate the bomb he originally disarmed. Of course another favourite character dies (he slowly became one of my favourites throughout the show, because of his battle between sides and his own emotions). He died on the right side, at least. And Alfred is still alive. He was my favourite, but slowly Franz started getting at his level. Not sure where Alfred stands anymore. I guess I liked him more in the first season and second. Harry he died a few episodes before the end so it’s harder to compare; I wouldn’t know where he stands on my list. I think I’ll just say all three of them are equal to me. I think it’s safe to assume that, since they all have traits that turn out to not make me one like more than the other. Franz’s battle inside himself to pick a side, deciding to commit treason as best he could while protecting his wife, and his regret for killing his son, makes me want to reach out and give him a hand; Harry’s nerdiness for gadgets, fast morse code (kinda like being a fast typer on a keyboard, but in the past), and innocence, makes me believe that I would be him, if I was in that world; Alfred’s synesthesia and photographic memory, makes me fascinated by him, and he’s so kind hearted. They all have their strong points, but also weak points. Franz is a Nazi (pretty self explanatory), Harry, although sweet, isn’t a very troubled character, and usually I’m more interested in characters that are, and Alfred seemed to change a lot by the end of the show; he became too confident and a bit boring—just there cause of his mind. I love them all though.

That’s all for today.

4 thoughts on “Day 382 – Contest and X Company finale”

  1. That’s a really bored looking Ivysaur, but a really good drawing nonetheless 😛
    I can’t tell that the blue lines are too thick, to me they’re perfect

    For the Canada Google Doodle, I’ll suggest it animated with a bunch of Maple leaves falling. White skies, with red Google text, with red maple leaves falling.

    May 2nd is actually the day I fly out to Europe for a 2 week vacation. I expect us to have finished and published the book before the end of April

  2. Intended to be bored, since I was thinking about how Bulbasaur looked like a kid, so Ivysaur could look like a teen, and that emotion seemed to yell teen at me most lol. And thanks!

    That’s not really creative tbh, lol. Good idea on the animating part though—I don’t think we can animate it, though I’d have to take another look. And it has to represent where you see Canada going in the future, or something like that.

    And yes I know :p hope you have a good trip though, sounds fun!

  3. Oh I get it now. Are all teenagers bored though? I wasn’t when I was a teen :/

    The bulbasaur looked like a really cute baby coming out from behind the grass! I’m surprised you don’t like it that much :p

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