Journal Day 143 – Work, training, death, ate a lot of food

Wednesday, March 15th 2017

I’m feeling sleepy. I fell asleep at around 1 AM last night and was woken up this morning at 7 AM. Now I’m in the office very early after dropping off my mom at her workplace. Today is the middle of the month, so it’s payday. I got paid an insignificant amount today. I think even if it were doubled or tripled, it would still be an insignificant amount to me.

What is interesting though is that I found out that you can read word documents in python… that is a game changer… new doors just opened… my mind is filled with so many possibilities! I just want to get out of the office, go home, work on my own projects. But I’m stuck here.

I just completed training for Person in India a bit ago, now I have to train two more people in my current team in the office at 12:30 PM. What I would like to do is use test cases to create LG2MT. That would be so awesome. That sounds like so much fun! I’m energetic about it as I type this at work, but I probably won’t have the same energy after work is over.

I had the training event today with the two people on the team. Both of them are older than me, one is 27 I believe, and the other is 34. I’m 23, and I’m the one doing the training. Not implying anything here, I just think it’s very cool. At the end, the training went well, I gave the two assignments to continue on, and I was congratulated for having a good lesson plan. Cool.

While sitting around the office doing work, I watched a few videos regarding death. I saw a science related physiology show that had this guy, I think his name was Bob, who was in his 90s. The first minute Bob is seen saying “goodbye, see you tomorrow” to some kid, maybe his nephew or something, and then he goes home. At home he has internal hemorrhaging. He doesn’t even notice it because he’s so old and barely feels anything. He feels odd, so he lies down on the floor, and slowly bleeds to death. There was no tomorrow.

As I watched this, I looked around the room. So many people on their computers inside of this corporate building. The only reason we were there was for money. That’s the only reason I was there, for money. Just for money. How do I know? Ask everyone in the room if they would be there if they didn’t get paid anything. Let me know how many people say yes.

I would have rather been home working on some cool programs like LG2MT, but instead I was stuck in the office, doing mindless work. I was good at those mindless tasks, and they were paying me. How can I complain? But work is a bit of a drain on life. There’s tons of adventures to be had in the world, but they’re impossible to have if you don’t have the resources.

I don’t want to spend my years working and then retiring like most people. So I save up, I study on my own time, I do my own private projects in my own time, in the hopes that one day I can support myself without a mindless job.

I’m ranting. I didn’t do shit today. I’m just going to post my drawing, food log, selfie, then go outside for a walk, or work out for a bit. Time freaking flies. It’s already 10 PM and I have not done anything all day.


Here is my Ivysaur drawing. Didn’t color it in because I didn’t learn anything from coloring it in last time, and it takes a while to color. I used Obs’ advice of using lighter strokes. Bulbasaur was actually really easy compared to this. It’s essentially Bulbasaur, but a little bit more detailed, with a slowly budding flower instead of a bulb on the back, and three spread out palm tree leaves instead of nothing. Also it has a slightly more aggressive, triangular face.

Food Log:

I ate three different nutrition junk food bars found in the office, plus a mix of nuts. We have cashews, almonds, pistachios, pecans, and I’m pretty sure there were Brazil nuts in there but I don’t see any in the picture. Those bars were goooooood.


I ate this bag of chips… it was 170 calories and there was barely anything inside

Tons of different dried fruits and few mixed nuts. Yikes. Already eaten so much, not even close to finishing yet.

I ate so many nuts in the morning. I thought, why not eat the whole shebang? I ate some standard old peanuts and some pale almond, don’t remember exactly what it was called. This by itself must have been 900 calories. The photo doesn’t make it look like it’s a lot, but it is a shit ton.

Kale and chips

A bowl of blueberries and blackberries.

Today I went overboard with food. This is the kind of amount of food I would eat on a daily basis before I kept a food journal, maybe even more food than this, because I’d go through a couple of servings of anything.

Because of the amount of food I ate tonight, after posting this journal, I’m going to walk outside for a couple of miles. I’ll try for 8 miles. It’s 10:36 PM, nearly 11 PM. 8 miles would take me 3-4 hours in the cold. I actually don’t even know if I can do that. I’ll do 4 miles, and that should be good.


Selfie for the day

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