So far, kinda good?

My bestfriend has got herself a new boyfriend again. He has history with both of my two friends at school. He cheated, fought and has had a grudge against them for a long time. Suddenly, my bestfriend got involved. At first she was grossed out by him and had blocked him from all social media. But then, one time after seeing him in the city she unblocked him and not long after they got together and their now a couple. She seems to be super happy with him. Things between their relationship got really fast and I feel theres something sketchy about the whole thing. He has had many girlfriends, a new girl every month. I don’t want my bestfriend to end up being one of all those girls dumped (cheated on) by him. I told her im worried, but she says that he is getting his shit together. She says shes already in love with him, after just one week. I’m not going to try breaking them up, thats not in my position to do. But, I will be there for her if he ever tries anything. As long as shes happy, im happy. 

Though the one thing that bothers me alot about them; she doesnt spend time with me anymore. Sure its only been a week, but like I havent seen her at all this week. On tuesday, the weather was great and I was really in the mood to go out and have some fun with her. But no, she had unexpected plans with him and ended up ditching me. I on the other hand ditched the city, and went to my secret cozy place by the river and had a concert for myself hahah. On wednesday, I asked her again if she could come to my place, but no she couldnt; she was going to skype with her boyfriend. Then again today, right now I’m sitting here writing this as she is going to visit his place for the first time. I didnt really think of it as such a big deal. Shes going to hang out with him tomorrow aswell, as was originally planned. So to get her for myself on the weekend, i invited her to go to the cinema with me. I really wanted to watch “Beauty and the beast” starring Emma Watson, so I invited her. I thought it would be fun to have a girls night again, but no she is bringing her boyfriend with her. I told her I would prefer for it to just be the two of us, but no she insists on bringing him with. So my response, I invited my other friend too. The one that hates him so much, shes a good friend of mine. My bestfriend brought with her a uninvited guest, then im bringing one too. (love my friend though hope the two of them behave). 

Also I havent gotten much results with my crush. Yesterday was probably the first time he has ever noticed me. He looked at me several times and I was just shocked for the fact that he knows i excist. Today thought he has probably realised that I like him. My friends was making a huge deal out of it and kept trying to push me to him. While I was fighting against my friends trying to make them shut up, he was watching without me noticing. He sure knows something sketchy is going on now. So, well I should stop behaving like a 5th grader with their first crush, and just go talk to him like a normal person would do. 

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