Even when I nap

I took a sleep aid last night, and I curse the pill that made my dreams not want to stay with me. I have flashes of color that linger but nothing worth mentioning, I am also a preschool teacher, but for now I am working on my medical degree and I also have a blog When I’m reading to share that I will give you the link.

I had a 1000 word APA format essay on Osteogenesis Imperfecta I out a little overwhelmed and felt the hours were slipping by so I used the aid to see if I would sleep better. I woke up almost to late to make it to school, and was dozing off during a video about fertilization. Today after my class I took a nap, and it seemed like my mind just wild wild with this dream, let me share.

 Dream: I was back in the apartment complex my grandfather owned in Southern California. The sun had already set the night sky was very colorful, like a far off nebula full of pink, blues and gold shinning bright. over the distant skyline you can see a hazy fog in the city beyond. I’m with my son, who is 9 yrs old, and I male family member who never lived in California at all. He was fiddling with his truck. It was a big bright red truck, he had the hood and all the doors open. I heard claps of thunder and a flash of red cover the spaces of dark area within the night sky. As I looked up to see that there was what looked like hundreds of red flares dropping from above.  I looked like military halo jumpers falling from the sky, I immediately begin to feel a sinking feeling in my stomach. And that is when I saw them. There was hundreds upon hundreds of the huge giant men that came from the fog from beyond. As fear rushed over me my body immediately began the fight or flight impulses. I grabbed my son who at this point ran to my sit in free, as I grabbed his hand and pulled him into the small apartment the creatures were already approaching the back yard. I didn’t bother locking the door because I know if wouldn’t slow them down. I didn’t bother to hide I knew they would find us. Scare for my sons life we escaped through the back door, and ran up the stairs that lead to the second floor of the complex, and ran inside. The family that lived there didn’t argue with us being there since they were all frightened as much as we were. The children were weeping and silence fell over the apartment, during the calm I remembered that I was dreaming, and remembered that I was taking a nap. But I stayed afraid and but even more curious to see what happened next. I walked out to the balcony to see what was happening outside. It was bloody and hear screams of terror coming from all around. Once I got a better look I can see the they were doing unspeakable things to the people that didn’t take shelter fast enough. From what I can see they were savagely eating the adults, and the children were being dragged away, and being herded into groups. Many children were injured and some were even their baby siblings…at this point I realized that once they have found all that they could on the street that they will come looking for us, and just as I thought it, I must have manifested it into my dream because just then the damaging thumps of footsteps were coming up the stairs. My heart was physically racing…. and I didn’t want to know what happens next, I always tell myself that it’s just a dream and just for once see what happens at the end, but I didn’t want to see my son get taking away, and I didn’t want to get raped and eaten by these giants, so I woke myself. 

A woke up very groggy and can feel myself falling back into sleep, but shook it fall and fought the sleep. I woke with these imaged in my thoughts , and to be honest hope my dream does continue tonight when I go the sleep tonight. 

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