Thursday March 16th

I took my baby to the airport this morning. I am once again all the fuck alone. 

Later, that same day…

I am unemployed. Ugh. I have two job interviews tomorrow. I am hoping I get one of them offered to me on the spot so I can take my paperwork to Brooklyn and maybe be able to start working next week. This summer is going to be lean money wise unless I pick up a side hustle. I really want to have my surgery, but I may not be able to afford it. It will depend on how long I go without a job, I guess. 

I am going out with Herb again tomorrow night. I hate that name. Can I like someone if I hate their name? I don’t know. 

I signed up for all the tests I have to take to get my sped cert. I honestly don’t know that I can pass the math one. I think I could do the math if I had a refresher course, but it’s been so long since I’ve done any math, good lord, I don’t remember anything. I hope I get this job at Jackie Kennedy High School tomorrow. The other school is closer to me, but I really like the idea of working at a school named after Jackie Kennedy. Stupid, huh?

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