Upper body strength and ILR stress

Last night’s and tonight’s sessions are de-load sessions, then I will be taking the weekend off before tackling a new programme next week.

I had fun last night doing kettlebell Turkish get-ups, planks, flexed arm hangs and dip station leg raises.

I was happy with my flexed arm hangs; initially I was going to do negative chin-ups, which I hadn’t tried for a while, but when I went to do the first one I realised I could actually hold the up position for about 5 seconds, instead of just dropping like a ton of lead. It’s great to see some undisputable evidence that my upper-body strength is increasing, and it was nice to see some sort of progress in the wake of my failed 1RMs on Monday!

I enjoyed the core work I did; it’s another thing that I hadn’t really done for a while. As a result I have decided to include more core work in my regular training as well,  not just because I kind of like the feeling of ab DOMS, but more seriously, because I think it will help all my lifts.

I am feeling a bit more positive today overall, although I wish that the documents I have requested arrive soon so I can send off my application for ILR. I hate this feeling of being in limbo, and having to wait for other people to do their bit.

Until this is all sorted I will have to try and manage my anxiety; I am mindful of getting enough sleep and taking all my supplements, which I know will help me a great deal. I recognise all the signs: irritability, sadness, jumping at the slightest noise, etc. Yesterday while walking along the platform at the station an announcement was made over the tannoy and I jumped out of my skin. The same happened today when a colleague’s phone rang. This isn’t right!

All I can do is keep pushing on, and eventually it will all fall into place. It’s just going to be tough getting there. But I will do it.


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