I Remember

Remembering is part of life, I will always remember and you will always cherish.

I remember when I was young and free. I remember when I waited for my mother to cook so I can stuff my face with the delicious food that she had just made. I remember feeling the warm of my mother’s hands rubbing my back as I fell asleep. I remember when I would rely on my mother for every thing. I remember when my mother would give me money so that I can spend it during the school field trip to the zoo. I remember when my mother gave me everything I could ever want.

Then, I remember when I was growing up. I stopped letting my mother make my decisions and I thought I should be making my own decisions. I remember when my mother told me my decisions should be made by her. I remember when I grew up without any friends. I remember being called weird. I remember that every thing I did was a choice made by my mother. I remember trying to make friends, but no one replied to what I said. I remember getting angry at my mother that she had ruined my life. I remember I cried that my entire life I had little to no friends. I remember saying that my mother did this to my life.

When I grew up, I remember that I loved my mother. I remember seeing her cry. I remember that I disappointed her. I remember all the things she did for me. I love my mother. No one could ever replace her. I remember that she did all that she could for me. I remember that my mother didn’t eat so that I was able to have my fill of the food. I remember that my mother loved me. I remember that I regret telling my mother she ruined my life. She didn’t ruin my life, but made it better. She made it better by being my best friend since the children at school despised me. I remembered my mother holding me when I cried. I remember that my mother was my best friend. I love my mother

I remember that all I had was my mother. I didn’t need a friend when my mother was there for me and would do what friends couldn’t do, be loyal to me no matter how much I hurt her. I remember how much my mother loved me. I remember living with my mother and my family. I remember the fights we would get into. Don’t get me wrong, they were for the better. I remember that I didn’t regret not having any friends. I remember that all the girls I ever went to school with her crazy. I remember that I didn’t regret a thing my mother did to make me who I am today.

Now that I’m married, I remember my mother’s love. No matter how much I miss her, I can only remember her love. I remember my mother’s lectures. I remember realizing that she was right. My mother is right. I remember missing my mother in the middle of the night. I remember that she wanted me to be loved. I remember my mother wanting me to find a man who will love me in place of her. I remember the day I met him. The day he took me away from the love of my mother. I remember that she cried. She misses me and I miss her too. I remember the day I cried for my mother.

I remember that my mother loves me. I hope she knows I love her too.

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