Dear Journal,

You wouldn’t know what had happened today. It was terrible. It was the most humiliating thing that I’ve ever done in my life. So this happened when I was changing in the little ladies room after the swimming class. “Oh my gosh. The swimming lesson was terrible!” “I know right! Ugh! I can’t even think about it! There was poop at the corner!” “Yeah right! It was so disgusting! Oh my gosh. I can’t even take anymore swimming lessons! Yuck!” “Yeah! I would rather have it at my very OWN swimming pool.” “Exactly! And we have to change in this disgusting bathroom! It smells like big sweaty dog!” I heard some popular girls blabbering about stuff. They think our school toilet is disgusting. I don’t know why, because I think its very cleaned. Janitor is always outside waiting to clean the toilet. And also the janitor worked in a very fancy hotel before. Well, getting off topic. Okay. So I was changing  in the little ladies room. 

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