Day 17 – 30 Days of Discipline I John 5:1-12

Tonight’s Scripture is daunting and full of question.  It repeats quite a few times: we need to believe; if we are born of God, we are of God and we must remain of God.

 “Those who don’t believe God have made God a liar.” 

This is part of my religion I question and almost want to argue. How can a loving God turn away someone who doesn’t believe in him, if he has never shown himself to them?  Or he has shown himself but, like yesterday’s reading, they were too busy or weren’t listening?  

I was taught to believe a sin is only a sin if you know you are doing wrong.  So if someone does not believe in God and does not hold faith, is he condemned because of his lack of belief?  I know people who don’t believe in God; they are the nicest people, kind, generous, loving and full of gifts.  Are they not to have eternal life, but I, as a Christian, can sin, confess my sin and be allowed eternal life?  

It will continue to confuse me and make me question.  Maybe the Spirit will bring me the knowledge I need to understand and accept this teaching.

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