Journal Day 144 – Fell asleep while writing

Thursday, March 16th 2017

I had a lot of fun today. I’m typing this with my eyes closed as my eyes hurt from using the computer all day. from morning until night, I was just on the computer. That’s how I spend most of my days actually, like 99.9% of all my days, but today was a bit different. My eyes felt fatigue for the first time in a while. Actually, they feel fatigue pretty often but I take care of them.

This is going to suck. I usually backspace a few times while typing, especially when I write some bullshit thoughts I don’t fully believe in, but I can’t backspace that well with my eyes closed. I can backspace, but I’ll have to count the number of characters the last few words were, and it just takes a while.

So this entry will basically have no backspaces. It’s going to have my raw thoughts as I type, without any changes to the thoughts or ideas. Even if I change my mind about a certain topic, or if I feel like I have revealed too mich information, I can’t go back and delete theme. Of course, there’s also nothing stopping me from coming back in later and just deleting anything I deemed too inappropriate.

So last night I walked. It was around 12 Am by the time I published the entry, and around the time I walked. I walked outside, and it took me 30 minutes to walk half a mile. At that point, I decided to turn around and go home. It was very cold last night, I wore two jackets, and two thermals for my pants, stil it was too cold, plus a scarf.

The sidewalks and roads were also a bit icy, well not the roads so much, but the sidewalks for sure. I often had to climb over mounds of snow just to cross a certain point, and sometimes the ice would be very slippery, so I would skitter across the ice very slowly. I also stalled a bit and tried to skate on some icy areas, but it didn’t work out too well. I also punched the ground while standing on ice. You know how those superheroes can punch the ground and shatter the ground around them, forming these cracks and deep holes into the earth? Well, I tried that with the ice, and my hands hurt. It was like punching a really cold wall. It didn’t even budge, which shold’ve been obvious because I was standing on it and I wasn’t making any cracks or anything, I shouldn’t have thought my fist would have made a difference.

Anyway, that was a fun walk last night. I expected to walk at least 4 miles, but half a mile in, I decided to turn around. so in total, I walked 1 mile. I try not to exaggerate either about the distance, I walked about half a mile out, and walked half a mile back. Total time to walk that 1mile was around 1 hor.

I slept quietly when I got home. I woke up at around AM. The problem was that I had a training meeting at 10 AM, so I dressed, changed, and let home by 9:40 AM. The office drive didn’t take that long, just around 20 minutes, but I made it to the office, put my stuff at my desk, and ran into a meeting room to call the person in India.

The raining went well as walways. I started assigning him real work to do a while ago, and I assigned him a really difficult task just a few days back. There were a lot of things I had to correct him on, but I’m not surprised, since the task I sent him was a bit more difficult than the other ones.

What frustrated me is that I got an email saying: “megg, don’t forget super large project is due on Monday” I aws like… .What the fuck.. Because there was a lot of work involved, and I do not expect to be done on Monday even if I worked all weekend.

That email gave me a huge headache. It felt insurmountable. There’s probably not going to be any punishment or anything if the entire project isn’t done on Monday, as the timeline demand for it is unrealistic. I wrote an email saying how that was impossible, and then went on the day. Again, just the thought of the tasks at hand filled me with dread, and I had a hard time concentrating on the work at hand.

I just kept thinking about how it was ridiculous how so much was asked of me, but my pay was X amount. It wasn’t much. Can some other person do my job? Yes, but the skillsets, mindset, knowledge base that I have, is irreplaceable. My propensity to do good work, and learning speed, is…. Well, I think it would take 2-3 people to replace me. Except Chip, Chip is really good too.

When I got home, I spent 3 hours of doing nothing. “Of doing nothing” well, I was going to write some inappropriate words, but I just changed it to ‘nothing’ instead. Stopped myself there. Now I have that sentence which doesn’t make sense.

I spent 3 hours doing nothing. Umm…. Why? I don’t know. Don’t ask. I wasn’t tired, I wasn’t feeling bad, I wasn’t anything negative. I just didn’t do any work, when I could have. Whe nit would have been much better for me to start as soon as I got home, than to wait.

But at around 9 PM, I started to work. I worked on LG2MT. This is where the fun part begins, because I wrote 22 test cases initiailly. I just wanted to list out the ideas that I had, and test cases helped me lay everything out. Man this filled me with so much energy, I just couldn’t wait to have continued.

I tackled each test case one by one, boom, boom, boom. I ended up solving thre of them. The resulting functions from those three test cases were: A function that compares two dates and gives you the difference in days between two dates, a function that converts a datetime object into date numbers (this was just required for the first function to work), and the last program, combining the two other functions, just takes today’s date, converts it into a datetime object, and then converts that into ‘today’ minus ‘first day entry date’ and tells you what “Journal Day” it is supposed to be.

Today is Day 144. So that’s what the program outputted. “Day 144”. Cool.

Shit. I kind of just jumped aboard without really explaining what I was even doing. So I’m working on LG2MT, and I wanted it to do certain things. One of thos things was just automate the journal process, so I wanted to create a function that would just grab the current day it is supposed to be.

LG2MT is a program that just posts the journal entries into five different websites: LiveJOurnal, GNJ, MegawattApps, Medium, Tumblr. LG2MT. The problem is that, the program was mostly done, but it just sucked so much.

So I wanted to fix it. Fix it by making it better. Make it suck less.

I fell asleep while typing up that entry last night. My eyes still feel weak. I slept with my contacts on. not good. I’m not purposely trying to destroy my vision. Typing the next part up again with my eyes closed.

So after I completed those three functions, I compared Obs’ start date with today’s date, and it said she was supposed to be on Day 385 instead of 383. Well, that ws a problem, I thought. So I texted her about it. She skipped two days and if you just counted the number of days between today and her Day 1 entry, she was supposed to be on 385. But since she skipped two days, she was two entries behind, 383, so that was correct in a way.

But we talked about fixing it anyway, and after I get LG2MT to work, I can work on fixing her entry numbers. The two days she skipped were August 17th 2016, and May 29th. She basically won’t have a Day 94, and a Day 173, those days will be skipped.

I’m going back to sleep and resting my eyes more. Way too fatigued to be on the computer.


Food log:

Mixed nuts with this fruit bar yummy

Walnuts with clif bar

I ate an entire pack of gum

Kale and chips

I didn’t delete anything from what I typed up with my eyes closed last night. I noticed the entry was a bit more stupid than usual, tons of typos, tons of errors. I didn’t really care too much. I was half-asleep while typing and fell asleep while typing. I had my eyes closed, arms outstretched to the computer in front of me, and falling asleep was easy and natural.

No Venosaur today either for obvious reasons; I fell asleep unintentionally. I’m drawing him with tomorrow’s entry and also drawing Charmander. So that will be two drawings.


Selfie for the day

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  1. Of course 🙂
    It’s not a web app or mobile app though, but a program on the computer. Still working on the basic functions right now before working on a GUI, so it will probably still take a while. A fun project though

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