So my progressive political view once again has upset my family !!


That’s  nothing new, seriously they all should know better I would be very inappropriate and blunt when it comes to things I wholeheartedly disagree with. However,  I kind of jump the gun this time it clearly upset my oldest brother greatly.

  I share a post on facebook and I sort of outed my mom about being those age group who will be fully affected by Drumpf budget cuts on health care and etc … He didn’t think it was appropriate for me to use mom as my escape goat,  unfortunately, he was right.

Yeah,  He sends a stern warning on the FB messenger quite frankly I only read some of them and just delete the damn post, did not even bother to answer him …  So the whole fucking morning I felt like shit !!!   

Luckily  I  distract myself by watching some old episode of Bobo bobo bobo !!!

I’m not taking this too personally, well I did early but  I just let it go, nothing good will come if  I keep hover it over myself, seriously  I have other shit to worry about then my older brother critiques on the matter.

So I’m betting he sending an email to mom about what is happing so I’m gonna an earful or I might be lucky enough he not going to do anything which I highly doubt it. 

So in other news that made  Hawaii in the international news,  Hawaii Feds Court judge but a block on P#45 Travel Ban and he are not happy about and both him and his crazy supporter are tweeting about  #BoycottHawaii lol and the response from both Hawaii and  Non-trump supporters is fucking funny. 

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