The week’s news

We started looking into summer camps for Snooch. I’m leaning towards a 4H based one because price wise it fits my budget. My first pick camp is $2,500 per week, but The Man is resistant to spending that much money. It’s a shame because the program looks amazing. I went to a 4H summer camp when I was Snooch’s age. I got to go horse back riding, rock climbing, target shooting, not to mention swimming, hiking, and all those other camp type activities.

I wish I could get Hoshi Akari or Bobo to consider going to camp, but both children are very introverted and don’t want to go. 

In other news I took the dog on a few car rides today. The vet said to make sure he does not associate the car with going to the vets. Makes sense. The orginal Rascal hated the vet. We use to have to spell it cause he understood the word… eventually he was able to spell it. Luckily this Rascal doesn’t have the health problems old Rascal had and there for won’t be subjected to as many vet visits.

Yesterday’s appointment went good. We have started the process of weaning Snooch off of the riserdal. Her night time dose has been cut in half. If she had any issues the doctor told us we could give her the old dose.

I dyed my hair 2 days ago. Now it’s the color of a raspberry. It’s a lot darker and not quite red, not quite purple. I’m happy with the results. Now I just need to get a hair cut and I’m thinking about going back to bangs.

Guess that’s about it for what’s going on around here!

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