Everything About Me, But Nothing Really

Hey, you! Whoever the fuck you might be, you are about to read everything about me. Who am I? You may wonder. Why the fuck do you care? You found this entire thing funny. Now you are about to close the tablet and read other shitty writings on the Internet. What a good use of your time. 

Now we’ve got a problem here. Why are you browsing shitty stuff on the Internet? Is there nothing better to do? What intention brought you here in the first place? 

Do you know me personally? It is totally cool if you do or don’t. I can’t give less of a shit, my friend. I don’t even care if you’re a robot, let’s just get some deep dark substances on the table. Both of us, you and me. 

Whenever you want to talk about life nowadays to anyone, it is considered politically incorrect to be negative. Everybody is “working on themselves”. Such a fancy fucking term. Whenever you hear someone say that, it’s almost like he or she is the sunshine boy or sunshine girl whose life is immersed into either school or work, combined with either going to the fucking gym or some sort of artistic hobbies. And all you can do when they say that, is just putting on a smile that no one can tell is fake and half scream with a seemingly impressed tone, “GOOD FOR YOUUUU!”

It is totally fine if you want to objectifying your own identity into someone who study hard and work out, someone who likes to travel 


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