Been weeks since my last entry on GNJ


Hi y’all, it’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry. My life has been crazy with school, homework and finding time to hang out with my friends. Baseball season started and we won our first three games Yay! The coach has been starting me as the center fielder and so far my batting average is .357, which is actually better than I had all last season. 

I aced my last three exams and I actually have a great shot at making the honor roll this year. My folks told me the other night that they are proud of me because I am keeping focused on my studies and keeping my grade scores up. I want to keep my GPA up so that I can have a better shot at a really good college in two years after I graduate high school.

Over the past two weeks, I had time to practice for the surfing tournament that is coming up in April. I hope to finish better this year after taking 3rd in the tourney last year for my age group. My buds Josh and Kyle are also registered in this tourney and we will be in the 14-17 age grouping again this year.

Last week, my folks had a vet from the aquarium come and check out Splash, my pet dolphin. It turns out that he had some kind of minor illness that is normal with some marine life. She gave him a shot and he is doing way better now, has his energy back and I have been swimming and playing with him in the cove. The picture above is Splash, that I took with my dads underwater camera.

Today is a nice day in my hometown of Ponce Inlet and also in my surfing town of New Smyrna Beach. I am having a lot of my friends over for a pool party later and we will be playing pool volleyball. My folks hired a caterer to have plenty of food and drink for the party. My folks wanted to do this because they have some parties that are for mostly folks they know and their age and they decided last month to plan this party for me and all my friends. It will be fun and I know all my friends that I invited will have a great time.

 Hope y’all have a great weekend, have fun!  🙂


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