Day 386 – Day count, sushi and 100th birthday

Friday, March 17th 2017

So Megg told me my days were still off, cause I didn’t write 2 entries, so that’s why I skipped two days in today’s title, but you know what? Screw it. Not changing all of them again and just this one. And the one year entry I wrote, I will count it. It’s the thought that counts.

Anyway, today was more eventful. I woke up an hour and an half before having Kohai over then walking to the sushi place to meet up with our friends for lunch. We talked, joked and ate delicious sushi, then I had to leave to go meet my great grandmother. She turned 100 today and I never met her before, because she’s the mother of my biological grandfather, which I never really spoke to that much, because my grandmother divorced him when my mom was only around fourteen.

My grandmother drove me and I met up with my mom. She brought me over to her, and she was really tired and a bit confused. I learned afterwards that she had Alzheimers. Though apparently she recognised my mom and started crying upon seeing her, then cried again when seeing the flowers my grandmother brought her. I didn’t really get to know her since she had to leave to go sleep. Though I was told she’s a very sweet and joyful woman. She seemed like it as well.

There was a bunch of family members I never met before in the room/didn’t remember. One was my mom’s uncle who my grandmother dated before marrying his brother (the one she divorced). I don’t recall meeting him before, but family means hugs anyway! I met a few other people then a couple I met when I was much younger. Although I don’t really remember them, they seemed familiar. It was the very much younger brother of the uncle, being perhaps a few years older than my mom and her uncle himself, and his wife. He looked a lot like my uncle (my mom’s brother), even joked like my uncle. His wife even joked about how she was talking to my uncle’s wife and how they both share the same stories about their husbands. It was kinda scary how much they looked alike physically and by humour. It was nice seeing him and his wife again though, even if I don’t remember. I just had a feeling of familiarity and security upon seeing them.

When I got home I went on the server, did my St. Patrick’s skin, then went downstairs to eat a small supper. I watched the first episode of A Series of Unfortunate Events. I saw quite a few YouTube ads in the past with Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and saying his name is Count Olaf before I click skip. I never really heard of the book or anything of the sort, but it’s an interesting show. My mom doesn’t seem to like it, and it’s a little different than what I’m used to, but cause of that, I’m curious. 

We watched another episode of Supernatural, saw a smoothie in the show so wanted one, made one, then finished watching and now I’m going to bed.

That’s all for today.

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