Rewards, bad vibes, and deer

Their grades came back on Friday. I am exceedingly proud of all 3 of my children. Each had their own academic challenges and managed to keep their grades at an ideal level. Bobo’s grades (to be honest) made me especially weepy and sentimental. He got perfect marks!!!

I’m fairly sure that I have blogged about Bobo’s birth story in the past. I won’t bother to repeat it. Long story short: Bobo has cerebral palsy. We are very lucky with what his physical deficits actually are – mainly his fine motor muscles. So I don’t see Bobo becoming a doctor, but that is okay because for as much as Bobo has weaknesses, he has strengths too. This 13 year old boy of mine doesn’t miss a thing! He was on an I.E.P. (individualized education plan) up til last year. Sure he could have stayed on it, but he wants to learn in the same ways that everyone else does. He doesn’t want special favors. He proved that he does not need extra help or resource room visits.

Since Snooch got the puppy and I’m always ordering specialized kpop merch for Hoshi Akari, I figured Bobo needed an extra special treat. We got him a brand new P4 today as a reward for all of his hard work. He’s pretty happy with it. We wanted to get him the new switch gaming system, but you have to order one. No one has them in stock just yet. We preordered one for the next shipment the store gets in.

Other than that today was a typical day. I worked tonight. There is a guy at my work who freely talks about drug usage and I get the vibe he still uses (and ladies and gentlemen, I am not talking about pot – I am talking about meth). The guy gives me a really creepy vibe. I know there was an incident involving him and another coworker last Sunday. This guy does not seem to be able to filter himself at work. Also he does really weird things like put trash in the dish station (on the clean side). I don’t want to be around him. He makes me really uncomfortable. 

On the way home from work I had to stop in the middle of the road so some deer could cross. There is something majestic about watching deer cross the road under the moon light. I have to watch out for deer every night on the ride home. More often than not they are there, waiting for me to cross their path.

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