Saturday March 18th

I got hired yesterday at a high school to teach special ed. Teaching here is just not like teaching in Kentucky. You have to choose a certification and only teach that. So I have been told that I need to choose sped – it is best/easiest for me to get my NY cert in. I am happy that I got a job in Manhattan and I don’t have to ride back and forth to Queens every day. I hope this school is not crazy. I am going to stay there at least for the rest of this year- no choice- I am hopeful I can make it work. If the principal has been there 17 years, then it can’t be that bad. Once I get officially hired, etc. I have to start the process to get my pay increases for my education. I have a bunch of tests I have to take, too. I signed up for 2 of them for spring break. I think I will try to take at least 3 more of them over the summer. The math test is the one that concerns me. I will have to prepare for it. 

I went to my last of my 3 therapist visits yesterday. I won’t be able to get set up with another one until I get my benefits started with my new job. I’m thinking maybe I need to get my job stuff figured out and steady before I try to add social life/dating on. 

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