Well, I was happy until I was not. And it’s very stupid. But still. 

I wrote a phanfiction on an app. It got 40 likes and a few comments in 3 hours. I was over the moon- one person even said this was the best one they ever read and they cried real tears. It was very sad, you see. And that meant a lot (A LOTTT) considering I’m… well, as young as I am.

I was so happy I told my friends over chat. They didn’t… care. It’s stupid, really stupid, but that actually hurt me. I think I got a ‘cool’ and a ‘okay’ but that was it. I know, I know. It just hurt. 

3 thoughts on “Well…”

  1. First, by phanfiction, did you mean an actual Dan and Phil fic?? Because if so that’s amazing because DAN AND PHILLLL okay sorry, I’m excited.
    And second of all congratulations no matter what kind of fanfiction it was, you should be proud of yourself for writing no matter how many likes or comments you got! You go!
    And I’m sorry your friends weren’t more enthusiastic. Maybe they just didn’t know how to express any congratulations?

    Anyway, you go for writing what you love and feeling proud of it!

  2. JRabbit143: I over reacted, don’t worry about it.
    Pretty in Black: Yes, Dan and Phil! (Hello Phamily!) thanks, and I love your username 🙂

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