259.8 – Down 2 pounds

I went into Saturday morning with the goal of staying completely on plan (as always) and within my carb limits (not always). I noticed on the weekends I tend to eat more nut butters, 90% chocolate, berries, etc. These are all on plan for me; however, they’re a little carby and I think it’s been disrupting the flow of my weight loss. I tracked my meals ahead of time for yesterday, and I made sure I ate only when hungry.

I didn’t expect a 2-pound loss this morning, but I will certainly take it. I had several NSV’s yesterday, though:

– I wore an old pair of jeans and a cute top that I haven’t been able to fit into in a couple of years, so yay 
– We went to the movies and I FIT IN THE SEATS comfortably! We were in one of those theatres where the arms DON’t raise up, and it was totally fine. We saw Beauty and the Beast, so it was a jam-packed audience, and I didn’t have to focus on making myself as small as possible for the entire movie so I wasn’t crowding the person next to me. It was a really cool feeling.
– We went out to dinner and I stopped eating when I was full. This is HUGE for me. We took home most of my seafood dinner in a to-go box. Normally I would eat until my food was gone.

Woohoo! I am thrilled 🙂 🙂 🙂

Today we have a gathering with our friends, which is always potluck and I tend to have problems with eating when I’m not hungry at these events. Today, I will eat ONLY if hungry (be honest with yourself, Jess!) and I will focus on being with the people I love instead.

B: Warrior coffee, 2 eggs
L: Potluck stuff. We’ll bring something LCHF friendly as our contribution
D: Pork belly

Take a gauge:
Feeling: Rested
Hunger: None. I just finished my coffee.
Environment: Hubs and I are watching Iron Fist on Netflix
Emotions: Peaceful, easy feeling
Moving Forward: I will focus on how my body feels during my social event today.

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