Woke up at 10. Felt very depressed and confused. Had cake and some cereal, helped Mum clean the house, showered, had lunch, took a three-hour nap. Had a chocolate bar, did my makeup (but sans eyebrows and powder). Then I felt decent. Went to see my friend. We sort of just walked through the town talking about everything and anything. Had a Snickers. She informed me that our Latin teacher had lost her virginity at the age of 28. Returned home at half past 11.

This Irish boy, Luke texted me. He said he had missed talking to me. He asked me when I had last cut. I told him that it had been over a year since I had last done it. He told me that he still does it. I said that cutting was a waste of time and blood. I hadn’t missed talking to him one bit.

The field trip on Friday was all right. I spent it mostly with Brandon. AND VIOLET. She is so obnoxious. Sometimes I wonder if she is a troll. I actually do. If she is one, she deserves to get an award for best actrice of all time.

I think that the lack of human touch I’ve been feeling is causing me to go absolutely fucking insane. I have even thought about Francis from my class in a sexual way. And I despise him.

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