Woke up at 11 instead of 8 as I had planned. My sister is sick so she spent all day on the couch in the living room. Helped Mum with lunch. Read. Grandpa came round and gave my sister and I some pocket money. We put half of that in our money jar. Did my makeup. For some crazy reason, my eyelids are dry. I fucked up my liner very, very bad. Listened to music (twenty one pilots’ Ride). Had coffee. Put some new French words down. Studied Geography. Brushed teeth, showered, put deodorant on (and PERFUME – I really don’t know why), put moisturiser on (which, oddly enough, makes my goddamn face sting, but I put it on my eyelids anyway because I am so very desperate), watched a Thanksgiving-themed episode of Bob’s Burgers. That stuff is so hard to relate to.

I think Brandon and I are becoming inseparable. I really love to spend time with him. 

Mum has bought a popcorn maker.

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