Ch. 2


My spirit was the house burning down.


Strong, quiet, and beautiful.


My family was the flames creeping into every crevice I left unguarded or unprotected. 


My mind was the child inside. Locked alone in a room, screaming cries of help while the flames around me continued to spread and destroy everything I was. 


I knew to get on the floor and hide myself away from the fire because I knew the damage it was capable of. I stayed there for as long as I could, telling myself to stay calm and to not panic. Help would be on the way. 


But help never came. 


I fought for my lungs to work. I fought for hope. I fought for my life. But like all fighters, I grew tried.  


With every inhale, I knew what was happening to me. I became witness to my own death. The carbon monoxide filled my lungs and turned them black as my family’s hearts, until I too became part of the fire. 

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