Day 387 – Shopping and staff problems

Saturday, March 18th 2017

Today was good.

I went out shopping with my mom for some pants and shirts for church, and we managed only to find black pants that she liked for church, and just a black t-shirt (she wanted more colour on me, however I caught her say she liked me in black). I also saw a green bomber jacket that I really liked, but of course it didn’t have it in my size. Really want one.

At home I gave advice to a staff member that has been doing a few questionable things as of late. I also talked with the owner and mentioned how she could seem harsh at times, but when she explained why, she made some good points. So I thought about it more and saw that I was trying to mend things too quickly, which is why I jumped on her having a bad attitude without thinking why she does (she even mentions she can be a jerk sometimes, but she is always gentle before/giving chances). It was resolved though and I participated a little in the events, ate, washed the dishes, helped a lot with setting up shops on the server, played Half Dead with them (it was really funny, and I bet it’d be more fun with more staff members), and I continued helping set up with shops.

Gonna have my talk with Megg in a moment, since we skipped it yesterday.

That’s all for today.

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